#21KMuniGuate: iRewind reaches Central America

The BAM 21K Municipalidad de Guatemala uses iRewind technology: more than 10,000 finisher clips were produced in the shortest possible time and published on the BAM 21K Municipalidad de Guatemala website. A local team carried out the implementation. Cameras used were GoPro Hero5. Once the videos were uploaded to the iRewind video cloud, they were personalized. The result: 10’484 personalized videos and more than thousands video views. More than 2,000 videos were downloaded and some 1,000 videos were shared via Whatsapp.

iRewind backend and dashboard

The advantages of the iRewind video solution at a glance:

  1. Thanks to the white-label approach, videos can be seamlessly integrated into any website resulting in maximum visibility.
  2. The tailor-made dashboard informs about the current performance of the finisher clips at all times; sponsors continuously receive an overview.
  3. The production of the on-site finisher clips is easy: install, capture, upload and publish personalized videos; all supported by our automated video cloud solution and the intuitive iRewind administration tool.

iRewind widget embedded on 21KMuniGuate homepage

21K BAM de la Municipalidad de Guatemala is organized by the Municipality, and sponsored by BAM, one of the leading financial institutions. The official start is given by the Mayor of Guatemala City. The main objective is to embrace the city and the love for Guatemala, message well stated by the professional organization and amenities, such as DJs and marching bands along the race.

Live TV coverage on national television as well as live broadcasts on social networks reach massive audience. 21K BAM de la Municipalidad de Guatemala has 12’000 registered participants plus 10’000 non registered runners. More than 16 thousand liters of Gatorade and 22 thousand liters of Aqua water were handed out to the participants.

Video Micro Moments with the new iRewind video cloud solution:…
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Since 2014, Viktor Röthlin, European Champion of the Marathon…