Swiss media company relies on iRewind Enterprise

The Swiss media company “Die Weltwoche” relies on a product from iRewind Enterprise. With iRewind VideoToGo, the Swiss video software developer offers the ideal solution for the daily video format “Weltwoche Daily.” Publisher and National Councilor Roger Köppel gets everything from a single source: fully automated video production directly in his office and complete integration of video production directly into his publishing processes. With just a few clicks his daily video is finished (including inserts and intro/outro) and within a few minutes it is ready to be shown on his video portal. The result: high-quality, daily video content, produced economically and efficiently. This is what video production will look like in the future. Learn more about the use case of “Die Weltwoche” in the testimonial video (english subtitles). Interested in iRewind Enterprise products? Click here to make an appointment to get to know us.

Without our dedicated iRewind team, the product wouldn’t be…