Former Tesla Head Marketing Central Europe Nico Decurtins joins iRewind

At iRewind, Nico is heading up the Business Development of the company, helping its internationalization strategy and supporting its reach into new industries and markets. As member of the management board he will also play a vital role in leading the young company into a sustainable and successful future.

Nico obtained his BSc in Business Administration from the University of Berne and holds a double-degree MSc in International Management from ESADE Business & Law School, Barcelona, as well as CEMS, Copenhagen. Nico joined Tesla in 2010 as one of the first employees in Europe and worked in different roles in Zurich, London and Amsterdam. Before joining iRewind in the summer of 2018, he was responsible for Tesla’s marketing activities in Central Europe.

When his agenda allows, Nico trains for triathlons or his ice hockey career, enjoys the Swiss mountains or meets friends from all around the world. Since July, though, his favourite leisure activity is taking care of his newborn son.

My name is Nico, I’m 34 years old and I’m from Zurich, Switzerland.

What was your career path so far and what will your new job at iRewind be?

I completed my masters degree in 2009 and joined Tesla subsequently six months later as their second employee in Switzerland. After eight years working in the UK, the Netherlands, and Switzerland and heading up the central european marketing team, I joined iRewind as a member of the management board and will be looking after the business development of the company. So far, most of our success and most of our projects have been within the sporting industry, now I look forward to applying the technology to new markets and new sectors.

Why the change from Tesla to iRewind?

iRewind offers me the opportunity to join a young, ambitious, and small team. I look forward to getting new insights into new technology and apply the skill sets that I’ve obtained in my last job into this new field.

What fascinates you about iRewind?

I really love the fact that we are able to give people access to their emotions in a way that they couldn’t themselves. Thanks to our video technology we’re also letting our clients be part of the emotions of their customers, which in turn gives an even greater experience.

I’m also really impressed by the big amount of events that iRewind has been able to do with such a small team. We’ve been doing a lot of events in the sporting industry and It’s been really great to see how the customers responded as well as the ultimate end consumer of the videos and I really look forward to taking this to the next phase.

In which sectors do you see the greatest potential for iRewind?

I see the biggest potential for iRewind in the global attractions business. Amusement parks, theme parks, tourism offer tremendous opportunities and I think the aspect of global is important to mention. While Switzerland is our home market there is tremendous opportunity out there, north America or a market like Asia and I look forward to tackling these markets in the next few months.

Where would you like to see iRewind in five years?

In five years time I would like to see us as one of the leading video technology companies in the world, mastering the combination of AR and VR. We should still be in Zurich but with a global reach and Zurich might be one of the technology hops for video technology and it would be great to have iRewind as the one company who started it all.

Which is your favourite project on iRewind?

I’m really excited about some of the projects that we’ve recently been doing with FMCG companies, giving them access to a video world that they previously didn’t have and doing so in a fun and different way.

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