World Leader in Instant Personalized Videos – InPeV©

World Leader in Instant Personalized Videos

iRewind transforms memorable live moments into Instant Personalized Videos (InPeV©) for various industries and use cases. No matter what goals our customers are trying to reach and who they want to engage with digitally, iRewind offers a self-service application (iRewind ONE) as well as different InPeV© solutions proven in the market. We use the power of personal combined with the relevance of video and merge them into an impactful, measurable marketing and activation tool for events or campaigns.

Because the present is personal. The present is digital. The present is video. We live the present.

We are iRewind.

Our InPeV© Platform

iRewind’s very own SaaS-based platform for Instant Personalized Videos (InPeV©) allows videos to be captured, personalized, produced and distributed to target audiences in real-time – regardless of the audience size. All our solutions run on this platform and is used in various industries such as sports, tourism, amusement and entertainment.

Thanks to its third-party accessibility, the platform helps our partners and customers create their own new business models. Now they have an opportunity to create and market personalized videos themselves.

Our Products & Solutions

iRewind ONE

Putting the power of real time technology, video production and personalization in your hands, all with the touch of a button. Use iRewind ONE to produce finisher videos independently – simple, fast and efficient.

iRewind PLUS

We create personalized videos for participants of large sporting events. iRewind PLUS provides an opportunity to reach target audiences in a personal, emotional and sustainable way.

On-Site Brand Activations

For sponsors who would like to make more of their on-site presence we have developed digital activation tools to create an instant boost and measurable added value for their next marketing campaign.

Fixed Installations

With more sports and entertainment parks emerging, we see a high demand for fixed installations that help activate their offerings in a digital way by capturing the visitors’ journeys and highlights.

We Understand Global Needs and Big Numbers

With several years of experience in the international sports, culture and event industries, iRewind knows the needs of corporations, institutions and event organizers.
Time to get personal – speak to us.

35 Countries
1246 Projects
4,680,000 Videos
10,700,000+ Minutes

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