Leading the Personalized Video Revolution

iRewind transforms memorable live moments into personalized and shareable videos for various industries. We accompany our clients as they upgrade their brand activation strategies or capture unique customer journeys, providing software and hardware solutions that deliver unforgettable experiences.


Why iRewind?

Capture Leads
Generate qualified leads thanks to a personal and targeted approach.

Performance Boost
Drive traffic to your website by embedding personalized videos and increase your e-mail and newsletter opening rates.

Branded Content
Give your brand a leading role in the video.

Personalized Customer Targeting
Reach your target audience in a way only personalized content can.

Leveraging Emotions when it Matters
Let your audience relive their emotions when they are at the highest. And create emotions by making personalized videos a key component of your customers’ journeys.

Increase Earned Media
Earned Media is the Holy Grail. Boost your visibility utilizing iRewind’s innovative video sharing tools.

We Understand Global Needs and Big Numbers

iRewind is the global leader in personalized video production through scale with technology solutions that are seamlessly adaptable to various markets and sectors.
With several years of experience in the international sports, culture and event industries, iRewind knows the needs of corporations, institutions and event organizers.
Time to get personal – speak to us.

28 Countries
724 Projects
2,134,921 Videos
7,119,503 Minutes

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