A running season that kicks off in March with the Kerzerslauf and finishes with the traditional Silvesterlauf through the old town of Zurich: that’s the stage for arguably iRewind’s biggest event series in Switzerland.

More than 300’000 videos will be produced again this year starting March 17 as we provide the participants of more than a dozen races from Geneva to Davos an unforgettable digital souvenir. Together with the Migros iMpuls digital team we set out to create the most comprehensive and technologically advanced finisher videos ever made. There will be new interactive elements, a more user friendly online experience, a revamped video player and state-of-the-art graphics as some of our latest and market-leading features.

We look forward to embarking on this journey together with Migros and can’t wait for the responses of the participants.

The goals are clear: happy runners, YoY web traffic increase for Migros iMpuls and more visibility for the campaign through social shares!