LAAX: Personal halfpipe run videos thanks to iRewind’s video tech and the 5G network of Sunrise UPC

At the LAAX OPEN from January 11 to 15, 2022, the world’s best snowboarders were able to enjoy more than 700 fully automatically produced video clips, which were delivered to them within 3 minutes thanks to 5G. 

 «The 2021/2022 winter season is in full swing. Thanks to the fastest 5G network from Sunrise UPC, even winter sports lovers in the mountain regions can now take advantage of super-fast mobile Internet connections. 5G is crucial to the digital transformation of ski resorts, for example to offer guests significant added value on their digital customer journey», says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC. 

The world’s first standardized 5G network in a ski resort was put into operation in 2019 on Crap Sogn Gion (2,252 m above sea level) and has significantly advanced digitization in the LAAX winter sports region, according to Markus Wolf, CEO of the Weissen Arena Group in Laax: «The Inside LAAX app makes us a pioneer in the area of digital guest experiences. It enables us to continually offer our guests innovations and differentiate ourselves on the market, especially in conjunction with 5G. The halfpipe run videos also offer a good example of what is possible today thanks to 5G. Riders are thrilled to be able to analyze and improve their riding style based on the videos as well as share them with their communities.» 

In LAAX, Sunrise UPC offers all freestylers in the minipipe and superpipe a video service via 5G. At the FIS Snowboard World Cup event LAAX OPEN, which took place from January 11 to 15, 2022, over 700 video clips were produced fully automatically for snow sports enthusiasts and made available to them within 3 minutes thanks to 5G. 

«Fully-automated production based on 5G makes it possible to create a huge number of personal video clips in a very short time. Thanks to 5G, these videos can be produced and delivered in record time. With older mobile connections, this would have taken much longer. We were also able to significantly improve the experience by making the video available on the rider’s smartphone right after the ride», says Andreas Herren, Head of Product and Co-owner of iRewind. 

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