iRewind ONE: jump-starting April on a high note

We were definitely on a roll this past weekend, as our team covered 4 of the most anticipated sports events in running and skiing.

All in all, team iRewind produced a record breaking number of 350.000 finisher videos,  delivered to the participants and our partners, through our latest iRewind ONE technology. Time was definitely of the essence, as we made it happen in less than 48 hours, an even faster pursuit than traditional photo event deliveries.

The Paris Marathon was definitely leading the trail and we made the most out of the biggest running event in Europe. Paris hosted more than 52.000 runners and ignited a fabulous course with a revamped finale in the streets of the French capital. Italy sweeped us off our feet as the Milano Marathon came in quite close in terms of iRewind ONE impact. With its massive credo: run fast, live cool, the fastest marathon in Italy, welcomed more than 20,000 runners and we were there to capture it all. Switzerland raised the weekend excitement with both skiing (Famigros Arosa Lenzerheide) and running (Rotseelauf).

In times like these, we like to stop and look at what we could capture with this top-notch technology. Marathons are exhilarating experiences, attracting passionate runners from all walks of life. The thrill of pushing oneself to the limit, the energy of the crowds, and the satisfaction of completing the course create an unforgettable atmosphere. The camaraderie among runners, the milestones along the way and the sense of achievement at the finish line make marathons an exciting and rewarding challenge. That’s the power of sports and iRewind ONE is there to make it unforgettable and long-lasting.

And for all the event organisers and partners looking to partner with us, iRewind ONE is a fast, convenient and smart solution handing you the power of real time technology, video production and personalisation, all with the touch of a button. 

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