In an era where memories can be captured, shared, and relieved at the click of a button, there’s a new product/technology that’s set to redefine how we look back at our moments – iRewind ONE. Our pioneering technology isn’t just another video tool; it’s an experience that brings the past to life in a way you’ve never seen before. 

We are revolutionising sports, events and communities with personalized videos.

iRewind ONE is the video SaaS-based platform that allows you to easily create, customise, and distribute personalized race videos at scale for mass participation sporting events. ONE is an easy-to-use and compact ecosystem enabling you to gain complete freedom over the creation and production of race videos. ONE eliminates the need for costly video production teams, specialised equipment, or prior expertise in video capturing or editing. 

Here are some of the immediate benefits of using iRewind ONE:

  • Capture high-quality footage: record video content without the use of expensive video production teams and equipment.
  • Customise and distribute videos at scale: personalise and distribute your videos on a large scale in minutes.
  • Track analytics and ROI: check the performance of your videos in real-time with our built-in video analytics.

Starting today, we are inviting you to explore a series of iRewind ONE video tutorials, that will guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure the best performance of this technology. 

In this first chapter, we are guiding you in preparing your smartphone for using iRewind ONE, in installing the ONE App and performing the initial settings. This is a crucial step in ensuring the best performance throughout the entire process.

Watch more in our first #BehindiRewindONE tutorial and click here for more info on iRewind ONE.

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