Take a closer look at our groundbreaking technology

Regardless of the industry and no matter what the project is; every solution we deliver is based on the same principle and technology. We tailor the use of our technology modules to our clients’ needs so they get the results they are looking for in the shape and form that helps them reach their targets.
Take a look at how the different modules create this unique user experience.

Our Technology Modules

  • Video Capturing (Footage)

    Use iRewind’s market-leading camera for maximum battery life even in the most challenging outdoor conditions, any sports cam or even mobile phones to capture live moments.

  • Trigger & Mapping

    Start your recording by using computer vision, manual triggering or structured data. iRewind offers solutions for any integration to make video capturing precise and efficient.

  • Video Composing

    No video solution is the same. Using state-of-the art technology you can add features such as interactive elements, green screen effects or filters to your video. And thanks to structured data processing you can make your videos even more personal.

  • Identification

    iRewind technology allows you to identify individuals using computer vision, RFID technology or any structured data from 3rd party systems delivering a reliable and automated experience. So you can make sure the right person receives the right video

  • High Performance Video Processing

    High-speed video processing and delivery infrastructure elastically scales between ten and ten thousands of servers simultaneously using intelligent load balancing allowing indefinite scalability and production volumes.

  • Distribution

    Fully customized video front-end solutions can be tailored to any client’s requirements. So you can deliver the videos in the way that works best for you. A seamless integration of social media tools makes sharing easy and even more personalized.

  • Real Time Dashboard

    We know that understanding performance metrics is important. That’s why we offer real-time analytics dashboards – tailored to your needs.

Take a look at some of our latest features

Our in-house development team takes pride in implementing the latest technology as it becomes available. Or we develop our own features to enhance the video experience even further. See below for an insight into our most recent product features.