Feature Alert: iRewind launches personalized Call-to-Action Button

Have you ever thought about how many times you’ve already signed up to an online service? To Spotify, Dropbox or a newsletter? Or how often you’ve clicked on that tempting holiday offer in your news feed because it “randomly” appeared there? Most of these registrations and “random” clicks are the result of a well-placed and well-timed Call-to-Action (CTA) button.

To place the right CTA along a customer journey is one of the most important tasks for a digital marketeer – and one of the most difficult ones. Because they are responsible for the user to make that crucial next, commercially relevant step. CTAs are also increasingly important in the world of personalized videos. While the latter facilitate the communication with the target audience and make sure that the embedded advertisement is seen by the right people, the CTA ought to trigger the decisive conversion. A good CTA is simple and effective, features relevant content is visibly placed on the website or inside the video.

In response to this trend, iRewind is now introducing two new software features that further cater to the needs of sponsors and advertisers: dynamic and personalizable CTA Gifs. The development of these features was carried out in close collaboration with Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer. They were first used on March 17 2019 at the Kerzerslauf as part of the MyRun clips. What do these new CTA offer concretely? The new, dynamic CTA allows not only to use a static image but also a Gif. This creates an animated and more appealing design. The advantages are manifold:

  • Attractive look & feel thanks to the animation
  • Seamless integration in the personalized iRewind video
  • Optimizing the attention-span while watching the video

One additional advantage is the fact that the CTA disappears when a video gets downloaded. Up until now, the CTA buttons stayed in the video but they wouldn’t work anymore because of the download. With this new feature, the customer experience is further improved.

The main advantage of the second feature lies in the personalization capabilities of the CTA button. The personalization is based on the data of the participant (metadata). At a sports event for example, different CTAs depending on the age and the fitness level of the participants can be embedded and shared with the recipient. It is even possible to make a personalized CTA for each participant. This leads to:

  • A stronger and enhanced personalization of the video
  • A more attractive format for the end consumer
  • The development of a more targeted product and brand messaging for sponsors and advertisers.
  • A high impact on sales-related KPIs
  • More sophisticated and enhanced metrics giving valuable feedback on future product and service optimizations

To exemplify these two features you can find the three Kerzerslauf CTAs below. Based on the runners’ pace it was determined who would receive which CTA

These features are now available to customers either as a standard version or as a tailored solution.

1. Gif example for elite runners

2. Gif example for average runners

3. Gif example for beginner

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