Press Release: ASICS partner with iRewind to produce innovative marathon finisher content

 Unique finisher experience available at ASICS races throughout Europe in 2019 including the ASICS London 10k and Stockholm Marathon. Using live-production technology, over 13,000 Zurich Barcelona Marathon runners were delivered personalised content within minutes of finishing. 

 ASICS and video-tech specialists, iRewind, have announced a partnership to produce innovative finish line content at a number of races in 2019. The partnership recently provided over 13,000 Zurich Barcelona Marathon runners with bespoke finisher videos within minutes of crossing the finish line. Working closely with ASICS, iRewind implemented a video technology system that was able to immediately identify individuals through RFID technology. Combined with innovative live-production technology that captures and uploads content as-live, each runner’s one minute finisher video was available instantaneously via a bespoke landing page. 

Finish Line Video at Barcelona Marathon powered by ASICS
Finisher Video at Barcelona Marathon powered by ASICS

Once uploaded, the videos could be downloaded by runners and shared with friends and family via email and on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Marathon participants were also able to access longer-form video content of their run within 24-hours of finishing, with a total of 28,000 pieces of branded short and long-form content being distributed to runners following the marathon. Within 48 hours, iRewind had registered 120,000 video plays, with over 12,000 videos being downloaded and shared (most via WhatsApp at 4k+). 

ASICS has partnered with iRewind to offer the unique video technology and finish experience at a number of its European races in 2019 including the ASICS London 10k and ASICS Stockholm Marathon. 

Showcase Video Finisher Video at Barcelona Marathon powered by iRewind and ASICS

Robin Karakash, Director of Digital Marketing, ASICS EMEA, said: “We understand the emotion of crossing the finish line and the importance of capturing that moment. As a result are really excited to be partnering with iRewind and to be able to offer a best-in-class finisher video service, offering every runner a personalised near-to-live video, something which we are sure our runners will love.” 

Salvador Garcia Zalduegui, Head of Operations & Co-Founder of iRewind added: “With the help of the Barcelona Marathon finisher video content, ASICS was able to successfully activate its race sponsorship by combining the trend of shareable content with personalisation in an innovative way. The results in terms of interaction, engagement and shares after the first 48 hours really speak for themselves. We look forward to other upcoming ASICS races throughout 2019.” 

All finisher content will also be used to target consumers with bespoke promotional ASICS content. Branded pre-roll and outro content features key ASICS products, the brand’s training hub and subscription to its membership scheme, OneASICS. 


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