Breaking new ground: iRewind delivers over 200,000 personalized videos globally in just 24 hours

iRewind has set a new benchmark by delivering more than 200,000 personalized videos across the globe within a mere 24-hour period. This innovative initiative was undertaken during a weekend that will now be marked as a historic milestone for the success story of iRewind.

Spanning a series of major endurance sports events around the world, iRewind celebrated each participant’s achievement by creating additionally customized 3D map animations. These videos were not just a testament to the runner’s journey from start to finish but also a reflection of iRewind’s cutting-edge technology that allowed for almost instantaneous video delivery as participants crossed the finish line. Among the notable events covered were:

  • Paris Marathon in France (iRewind Plus, Brand Partner: ASICS)
  • Milan Marathon in Italy (iRewind Plus, Brand Partner: ASICS)
  • Madrid Medio Maratón in Spain (iRewind Plus, Brand Partner: Movistar)
  • Mein Freiburg Marathon in Germany (iRewind Plus, Brand Partner: Intersport)
  • L’etape Cunha in Brazil (iRewind One, Foto Company: Fotop)
  • The Brasov Half-Marathon (iRewind One, Event Organizer)

This initiative showcased a diverse range of sport endurance events, from marathons in Europe to significant races in Brazil, illustrating the global reach and appeal of the project.

Trailer Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2024

The essence of iRewind’s mission lies in redefining the media landscape by mastering video personalization at scale. The company’s technology captures the glory of finishing a marathon almost instantaneously, allowing participants to relive their moments of triumph with a level of personalization previously unseen in the industry.

Moreover, iRewind’s effort in delivering these videos in portrait mode for most participants underscores its commitment to catering to modern consumption habits, where mobile devices are the primary medium for content consumption. This attention to detail ensures that the memories of the event are not only preserved in a personal and engaging manner but are also easily shareable and accessible.

This weekend’s achievement was not only a technical marvel but also a celebration of individual achievements and the collective spirit of endurance sports. By providing personalized memories of these events, iRewind is not just commemorating the physical feat of completing a marathon but is also honoring the months of training, dedication, and personal journeys of thousands of runners.

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