Scaling Sponsorship Success: iRewind Partners with Global Brands to Deliver 204,239 Personalized Videos in One Weekend

A week ago, iRewind marked another landmark achievement with what we affectionately call a Monster Weekend. In just 24 hours, we delivered over 200,000 personalized videos, showcasing the robust efficiency of our technology. This feat is not merely about delivering videos—it’s about providing personalized outreach at scale, quickly becoming the holy grail of modern marketing.

From the historic cobblestone streets of European capitals to the picturesque terrains of Brazil and Romania, our technology was fully showcased at major events like the Paris Marathon, Milan Marathon, Madrid Medio Maratón, Mein Freiburg Marathon, L’etape Cunha, and the Brasov Half-Marathon. Each athlete’s personal journey—from their tenacious start in the early morning light to their jubilant finish—was captured and immortalized through customized 3D map animations and portrait videos. These digital, sustainable souvenirs capture not just a moment, but the essence of the athlete’s endurance and spirit.

Imagine the rush of crossing the finish line and, within minutes, receiving a personalized video capturing that triumph. Some participants received their videos in as little as three minutes, thanks to our cutting-edge, near-real-time delivery capabilities.

Our self-service technology was deployed across 33 recording spots, enabling seamless and efficient video captures. This generated over 200 hours of footage, delivering live videos for more than 87,500 runners. This vast and meticulously orchestrated logistical operation ensured that each runner’s story was captured from multiple angles, providing a rich, multi-faceted view of their personal triumphs.

Personalized Landing Page Video Movistar (Movistar Madrid Medio Maratón 2024)

Moreover, iRewind is revolutionizing how big brands engage with their audiences. Our technology has become an indispensable activation tool for leading global brands in sports equipment and telecommunications, such as ASICS, Intersport, and Movistar. By leveraging our platform, these brands are able to deliver personalized advertising at scale—effectively and instantaneously connecting with their target audience in a meaningful and memorable way.

At iRewind, we’re not just capturing races; we’re transforming how brands and events engage with participants and spectators alike, making every moment count with personalized, immediate video content that both delights and inspires. Welcome to the new era of digital engagement, where every finish line crossed is a story told and a relationship strengthened.

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