iRewind expands to the South Pacific region

iRewind continues to expand. Since September 1, Pascal Voltz has been exclusively representing iRewind in the South Pacific region. Additionally, he also looks after Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Pascal built his first company from scratch, sold it and then embarked on a journey to continue further studies which led him to  the Swiss watchmaking industry. He was responsible for successfully managing large-scale projects for the most prestigious watch brands in the world applying his technical skills and knowledge. He spent his last five years within the LVHM Group where he managed both the technical and commercial support for after-sales services across all business units for a major luxury brand. He was also responsible for rolling out a major digital project across all sales channels.


What is the potential of iRewind’s personalized video software in the South Pacific region?

iRewind is a superior product of high-quality that will appeal to many event organisers and participants as it helps to capture, review and share individual performance during an event.  Therefore, iRewind supports event organisers, brands and sponsors in better understanding the performance of their investment. The tailor-made dashboard analyzes in no time where to best invest in order to meet client’s expectations.


What is your main role in the South Pacific region?

I’m the ambassador for iRewind solution. My focus is to market iRewind as the perfect solution for digital marketing campaigns to event organizer, timers and sponsors. Together with event sponsors, I like to work on projects focussing on brand engagement and performance and be the customer voice to continuously develop iRewind by adding new features.


Which countries are you covering in specific?

Australia is home to many athletes and sporting events that draw participants from all over the world. Of course the mild climate and great weather throughout the year and its beautiful landscape are also a big support factor. I’m excited to bring iRewind to Queensland, the sunshine state which is where I call home. I will also focus on Melbourne, the sporting capital of Australia and Sydney, one of the most picturesque cities in the world. There are so many great marathons and events where iRewind can showcase its capabilities and benefits. Further to other event locations in Australia, I will expand the service to New Zealand. Later on I’d like to focus on bringing this solution to Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

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iRewind continues to expand. Since September 1, Pascal Voltz…
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