iRewind ONE – Creating new Business Models with InPeV©

What it is

Timers, photographers or organizers of smaller mass participation events can get access to our InPeV©-platform via the iRewind App allowing them to add a new revenue stream to their existing business model by producing their own personalized videos.

Leverage your on-site staff and create high quality videos using standard technologies such as smartphones. We will support you each step of the way until you can fully grasp the potential of InPeV© all by yourself. Interested? Apply for our beta program now!

Who it is for

  • Small and medium sized mass participation sporting events
  • Mass participation timing companies or photographers
  • Registration platforms

Key Facts / Partner Benefits

  • Easy-to-use video design templates
  • Automated pricing, payment and permit processes
  • Customizable dashboards for live-analytics

3 Use Cases


For timers, the iRewind ONE offers an attractive solution to differentiate the product offering from their competitors. They can now capture an event with their own cameras and upload the content via the iRewind App. We handle the production, personalization and distribution in the backend.

Timers can use this additional product offering to generate more revenue or they can offer this to their races as an extra service for free.

Event Organizers

Event organizers can leverage their own staff and cameras/mobile phones to capture the race. Using the iRewind app they are able to set up their own event days in advance for minimum efforts on event day. These videos can be sold to participants or be given out to them for free as a digital marketing tool or they can be offered to sponsors as a digital activation platform.

Race Photographers

Photographers want to sell attractive products to the participants. The better their product offering, the more they can sell. We take photographers by their hands and show them how they can add personalized videos to their product offering, giving them an additional revenue stream with very little additional administrative or operational work.


One of the world’s leading mass event sports photography companies, MarathonFoto®, used iRewind ONE to produce personalized videos of participants of the Chevron Houston Marathon and then made the personalized videos available for purchase by participants. Thanks to iRewind ONE, the company was able to open up a new, attractive revenue stream with the finisher videos in addition to the well-known race photos.

Companies Using iRewind