Global Experience, Local Delivery

Our video solutions are flexible, scalable and can be adapted to the different needs of brands, venues and sponsors. We differentiate between three main use cases. To discuss individualized offers, speak to us.

iRewind Mobile: When Time and Scale Matter

It’s the technology that put iRewind on the map. Create personalized videos for your guests, partners or clients. You can choose to get a full-service solution with on-the-ground support or simply integrate the technology in your existing set-up and handle the operations yourself. Either way, we will be supporting you each step along the way. This is also a great solution for clients looking for a targeted channel to hit the right audience.

UBS Kids Cup: Finisher Videos

The UBS Kids Cup is the largest athletics competition for children in Switzerland. By delivering thousands of personalized videos to the participants within minutes, iRewind creates moments that last a lifetime, helping UBS further strengthen an already strong message.

Barcelona Marathon / ASICS: Finisher Videos

At the Barcelona Marathon 2019, ASICS wanted to promote its latest shoe model. By creating a landing page based on ASICS’ design inputs and featuring the shoe in the video, thousands of runners and their social networks where exposed to the new product and ASICS’ messaging. We produced two type of videos: A short one that was produced within minutes after the arrival of the athlete and a long version with multiple cameras 24 hours later.

iRewind Semi-Fix: Solutions for Brand Activation

Use your event to boost your attendees’ engagement. Whether you are a sponsor looking for that extra special for your prospects or an event organizer wanting to offer your guests an unforgettable experience – with our Live Activation Technology you get an instant boost and measurable added value for your next marketing campaign.

UBS: Videobox at Jazz Festival Montreux

UBS used the stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival to give their guests during almost three weeks a chance to become performers of their own and to feel what it’s like to be on the historic Montreux stage.

Ovomaltine (Wander): Feel the Rhythm

iRewind and Ovomaltine partnered up at various summer festivals throughout Switzerland to find the best dance moves in the country. The performers were cut directly into the music clip of the country’s pop sensation Lo & Leduc.

iRewind Fix: Solutions for Tourism & Attractions

For the attractions world, tourism industry or amusement parks we provide fixed installations for automated video capturing and indefinite usage. Once the cameras are installed, our systems take over and compose personalized clips for your guests and visitors within minutes.

Arosa Tourism: Arosa bear sanctuary

Guests of the newly-opened Arosa bear sanctuary got a chance to roar like a bear while raising money for the park. A unique and revolutionary approach to enhancing guest experiences.

Rivella: Jump Video at Summerslide Attraction

The Swiss soft drink manufacturer Rivella used personalized videos to give the guests of its Summerslide a digital souvenir. Not only a great lead generation tool but also a digital traffic booster and given the production time of merely 3 minutes proof of the speediness of iRewind’s technology.