Case: Video Personalization Technology and the Corporate World

iRewind offers a wide range of services to create personalized video micro-moments solutions for different sports activities and industries. In the past 3 months, the iRewind Enterprise solution has been chosen by several customers to create their own personal video product. Let’s take a look at the specific case done in collaboration with Compresso AG for where the iRewind system produced live personal videos and ranking tables. is the leading Swiss Online Store offering a wide range of products, from simple accessories to high-end hardware products. For the third and fourth quartile of this year, they have organized a roadshow to present at several expos around Switzerland their online store’s philosophy.


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For that purpose, an exciting stand and an original concept have been created to attract visitor to their booth. The idea is making the visitor participate in the so-called Flip Challenge Game (idea based on the buzz that the flip bottle challenge has created on social media). Each participant can win different prizes based on their number of successful flips recorded in a specific time frame. The participants with the highest scores then participate in a lottery to win even bigger prizes.

iRewind has provided for that case a personalized app and a dedicated iFrame with ranking and scoring tables that are seamlessly integrated into their online shop. The app helps the hostess to register a participant and interact with the camera system. Two live Full HD cameras have been provided, to record the challenges live and deliver instantly to each participant via email their personalized video and score of their game. Not one video has the same length and each video duration is directly correlated to the time the participant has spent flipping the objects. Up to today several thousands of visitors have already participated in the game with over 50’000 CHF worth of prizes awarded.

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