It’s official, summer is here and the people are more active than ever! Don’t believe us? We have thousands of personalized videos to prove it! Here’s a look back at the month of May and all the events we accompanied with our cameras and live personalized video rendering software.

Events Featuring iRewind live personalized video rendering technology

Vaduzer Städtlelauf

The 34th edition of the Vaduzer Städtlelauf offered many highlights to its runners: exciting races, great prizes, personalized finisher clips from iRewind, and thousands of smiling faces!

Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef

One of the fastest races in Europe, thousands of runners from over 120 places around the world took home their own personalized digital souvenirs of their race.

Migros Runs

Migros, one of the leading retail brands in Switzerland, activates a runners series every year through its Migros MyRun brand. This May, it successfully hosted four runs throughout Switzerland, all of which featured personalized video giveaways from iRewind. You can find your personal Migros MyRun video here.

Auffahrtslauf St.Gallen

On May 10th, the 5th iteration of Ascension Day Run St. Gallen, more than 7,500 runners dashed through the city despite the rainy weather. The participants each received their own digital souvenir.

Grand Prix von Bern

At the 37th annual Grand Prix in Bern, 28,000 runners received personalized marathon videos of various moments of their run, from the start to the finish line.


The half marathon that took place in Lugano on the weekend of the 26th was a sight to behold. The course was full of runners, who were all focused on living their great moment while being filmed by our cameras.

Winterthur Marathon

If you ran the 20th Winterthur Marathon, the greatest moments of your run were captured by one of our shiny red cameras.

La Sarabande – des Filles de La Rochelle

Girl power! Now in its 17th edition, 3,400 wonder women  ran either the 5 or 10km course and took home videos of their progress in Rochelle, France.

Bio Ritmo Seven Run

The second edition of Seven Run, the Iguana Sports night race in São Paulo, Brazil, offered three different track lengths (7, 14, and 21 km) so that runners at any pace can witness their evolution in the sport. This was our first test event with our new partner.

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