personalized music video, Lo & Leduc

Festival Attendees Can Star in Their Own Personalized Music Videos

personalized music video, Lo & Leduc

Lo & Leduc’s hit music video, Maradona, provides the backdrop to the personalized music video experience


Anyone who has ever dreamed of starring in a music video will finally get their moment in the spotlight at some of the most popular music festivals across Switzerland. iRewind, the global leader in live video personalization solutions, has partnered up with Ovomaltine to offer OVO Challenge participants their own personalized music video with Swiss musicians, Lo & Leduc.

Participants of the OVO Challenge will be filmed showing off their dance moves to Lo & Leduc’s official music video, Maradona. The two videos will be rendered as one, providing a unique video that will be instantly delivered to their phones via SMS. Participants can then share the videos across their messaging and social media channels.

When asked about the project, Andreas Herren, Head of Product at iRewind stated, “The OVO Challenge has been a fun partnership for us. This new application for our live-rendering and video overlay technologies opens up a huge number of possibilities for brand engagement in the entertainment and arts industries. Not only will festival-goers receive an emotionally triggering reminder of their festival visit directly to their cell phones, Ovomaltine and Lo & Leduc can directly reach their fans in a unique and impactful way.”

Festival goers will have the opportunity to star in their personalized music video at OpenAir St. Gallen (June 28-July 1), Heitere Open Air (August 10-12), and Open Air Gampel (August 16-19).

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