GradCaps: personalized graduation videos are touching the lives of students all over America for the second year in a row

Every year, coming spring, August or December, we get to do this special GradCaps project during commencement ceremonies in the United States. GradCaps is a unique endeavour developed together with Pro Pics, designed to create personalized graduation videos using iRewind technology, design capabilities and expertise. 

For a couple of weeks per year, Pro Pics captures the extraordinary, effervescent atmosphere of campuses, bathed in the bittersweet air of graduation, the nervous excitement and the general nostalgia for the times shared during college years. No emotion or gesture is lost from ceremonies, everything is recorded and carefully edited into lifelong personalized video memories: the eyes full of pride as students clutch their diplomas from their teachers, symbolising triumph over sleepless nights and countless challenges, laughters and tears, tight embraces with fellow colleagues or parents, smiles envisioning futures yet to unfold. GradCaps is there to witness all these moments and turn them into emotional video memories. 

Personalized videos are a game-changer in the world of communication and marketing. Tailored to each context, our videos create a sense of intimacy and relevance. They are complimentary artefacts to instant photos, as they capture what pictures can’t. Videos are our powerful storytelling medium that surpasses the limitations of photos, capturing more complex visual narratives and leaving a lasting impact. With motion and sound, GradCaps personalized graduation videos are immersive and have this incredible quality of bringing you right to that moment in time and to the joy you experienced back then. iRewind videos provide context, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of events and subjects and conveying all the nuances, expressions, and actions worthy of remembering. 

In 2022, we turned into GradCaps personalized graduation videos the entire graduation timeline for no less than 6 major universities: Grad Canyon University, Mississippi State University, California State University just to mention a few. More than 18.000 personalized grads videos were produced all year long. 

Thanks to the success of the project during its first year, Pro Pics had received more and more requests from universities triggering the pipeline of iRewind. So this year, we were active during ceremonies in May and June, with an outstanding outcome: delivery of more than 40.000 personalized graduation videos during 50 commencement events for 10 major universities.   

We invite you to watch one of these outstanding GradCaps moments. 

GradCaps 2023: Pro Pics and iRewind

We are now preparing vigorously for the next ceremonial waves. So more video stories are yet to unfold, as this unique initiative grows from year to year. 

Thanking our partners from Pro Pics with whom we designed this personalized videos solution for student ceremonies. Also thanking the incredible, smart students for choosing to trust us with their most intimate gestures and feelings during commencement ceremonies. 

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