Generali: Personalized Videos on Tour feat. Swiss music star Bligg

iRewind was part of famous Swiss musician Bligg’s first acoustic tour presented by Generali. Taking place in 7 cities across the country, Bligg and his band performed some of their greatest hits as part of the 9 concert tour.

To emphasize the closeness and intimacy of an acoustic concert, Bligg gave fans a chance to perform a duet in the Generali Songbox. In collaboration with the Italian insurance provider and the musician, iRewind developed the Songbox concept centering around a mobile tent that could be set-up within minutes. Inside the tent, we installed a recording camera, a screen, lighting and audio installations. 

Guests who had previously registered with Generali employees on site entered the tent, chose their favourite Bligg song and picked an instrument before sitting down in front of the camera. At the push of a button, a short video clip starred Bligg explaining the next steps on the screen that was directly placed next to the fans. After a countdown, Bligg himself appeared again performing the chosen song. That was the moment fans got their chance to jam and sing along with Bligg next to them. The performance took about one minute and finished with Bligg wishing the fans a good concert and thanking them for their participation. Shortly thereafter, an email and/or SMS was sent to the performers with their video. What they received was a fully composed video of them sitting next to Bligg and performing the song with him. We used close-ups as well as full-size frames and alternated the captured images with close-ups of Bligg’s performance. A special composing technique allowed us to pre-produce Bligg’s part of the performance in a set-up that was equal to the one inside the Songbox. That way, it seemed as if he was sitting right next to his fans inside that very same box. 

Strong performance on social media channels

Judging from the feedback and the numbers generated, the campaign hit home. Moreover, Bligg was a vivid supporter of the campaign, sharing information and details of this box with his fans throughout the tour via his social media channels. By doing so, Generali was able to reach thousands of people beyond the concert attendees with a positive message. An activation well-played in every sense of the word. 

Personalized video welcome screen based on campaign branding Generali

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