New iRewind feature: customized real-time metrics

VideoMicroMoments for sport events ensure a strong performance. Therefore it is all the more important to be able to measure them in detail. Thanks to our brand new, customized analytics dashboard, the requested metrics can be mapped. Of course in real-time and shareable for all relevant persons.

Partners and sponsors want to know where their money is invested. Therefore it is all the more important to deliver solid performance data that is available at any time. Our newly developed, customizable metrics dashboard meets some key needs.




The data must be available at any time. It must also be ensured that the data can be easily shared internally, and that third parties can also access the data if necessary.

The data must be in real-time. In the digital age it is crucial to see which activity triggers which reaction. There is the possibility of reacting directly or adapting future measures.

Each partner and sponsor has different data needs. We offer the possibility to compile the desired metrics on a dashboard from a large stock of core data. Tailor-made and precisely adapted to the individual needs.

Data is a dry matter. This makes it all the more important to ensure clarity and a clearly structured design. Thus, on the one hand, the relevant statements can be found quickly, and on the other hand they can also be understood better by outside standing people.

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